The Challenge
Currently, plastic waste is a huge and growing environmental problem, as well as a wasted resource.
Our Solution
Quantafuel turns plastic waste into high-quality diesel that can be utilized by present infrastructure and engines without modification.
Business Case
Quantafuel’s potential market is global and very large. Diesel is the dominant fuel for heavy vehicles as well as for trains and smaller ships.

Quantafuel turns waste into high-quality fuel

Quantafuel’s technology has several environmental advantages. It reduces plastic waste, local pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. A third-party, independent research firm has compared the environmental impact of Quantafuel’s process to that of producing conventional diesel, concluding that our process reduces emission of greenhouse gases by more than 80 percent. The results from our first-generation plant in Mexico already show a total reduction of carbon emissions of 66 percent compared to conventional diesel.

Our technology is compact and inexpensive. This means that small- and medium-scale facilities can be established wherever plastic waste is sorted and collected, providing a new and profitable revenue stream and creating local employment.

Due to the simplicity of our patented technology, Quantafuel can establish small plants for plastic, biomass and gas operating on a local scale. Quantafuel’s proprietary technology offers the most energy efficient use of resources and is highly cost effective.


Transforms waste resources into environmentally friendly, synthetic diesel

Already, we are running pilot installations turning plastic waste into environmentally friendly, synthetic diesel. Our technology is efficient, inexpensive and compact, opening entirely new business opportunities.

Business & Cases

The starting point is quality. We produce a clean, high quality fuel with higher energy content than biodiesel. We intend the product of our process to be recognized as a fuel of the highest quality, regardless of its environmental benefits.