The Challenge
The greatest challenge is that the properties that make plastic great to use, also make it a huge threat to the environment. Plastic doesn’t decompose, and so far no one has managed to find good methods for reusing plastic.
Our Solution
The solution is to place a value on plastic waste. One has to make used plastic a valuable material, create a sustainable model where one collects plastic waste and upgrades the waste to valuable products. The entire value chain needs to be circular.
Our technology
What makes Quantafuel unique is that we have developed technology that purifies the gas that forms in the process and alters the molecules. This allows us to produce a chemically recycled, attractive product that satisfies a huge need in the market.


Quantafuel shall contribute to build a circular economy for plastic that increases resource utilisation and reduces emissions. We shall do this by developing new technology that transforms waste to valuable products. Quantafuel’s goal is to ensure that our own production is climate-neutral and waste-free.

Currently, mechanical recycling constitutes almost all recycling of plastic. Quantafuel will increase the material recycling share in the market by means of chemical material recycling. But what is the difference between mechanical and chemical material recycling? Let’s start by clarifying the concepts.