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At Quantafuel we are equally excited about the magnitude of the environmental challenges we are confronting and the business opportunities presented. We welcome public interest in our business and will provide transparent information whenever commercially appropriate. Here you can access news and media releases, download photos and access videos.

If you want to know more about Quantafuel, please contact Inge Berge, CSO.

Inge Berge, CSO


Archive of Media Coverage

Teknisk Ukeblad
View article (in Norwegian):  Om plast i sjøen-konseptet

NTB (The Norwegian News Agency)
View article (in Norwegian): Enova-tilskudd og Nes-planenen

Finansavisen / Hegnar Online
View article (in Norwegian): About Quantafuel

View article (in Norwegian): Kommentarartikkel om muligheter for norsk miljøteknologi

Teknisk Ukeblad
View article (in Norwegian): About our technology

Zero Emission Resource Organisation
View image from keynote: Our CEO, Kjetil Bøhn

Enova conference
Video of keynote: Our CEO, Ketil Bøhns keynote

Quantafuel is based in Norway drawing on 50 years of industry experience and 8 years of technological development.