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At Quantafuel we are equally excited about the magnitude of the environmental challenges we are confronting and the business opportunities presented. We welcome public interest in our business and will provide transparent information whenever commercially appropriate. Here you can access news and media releases, download photos and access videos.

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Esbjerg kommune:
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Company presentation:
Quantafuel’s CEO Kjetil Bøhn is presenting at the Pareto Securities’ Energy Conference today. Please see the full presentation attached.
QFUEL – Presentation – Pareto – 170920

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View article (in Norwegian): QF_Finansavisen_270820

June 9 2020 – Quantafuel AS signed contract with Grønt Punkt Norge
Quantafuel has signed a contract with Grønt Punkt Norge for up to 10,000 tons of waste plastic. The waste plastic will be chemically recycled at Quantafuel’s plant in Skive, Denmark, and further processed into new plastic materials by the chemical industry leader BASF. The Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet) has confirmed that the Quantafuel technology for chemical recycling qualifies as material recycling. Following this agreement, Quantafuel will receive payment for the Grønt Punkt Norge waste plastic.

(in Norwegian)

DnB Podcast med Kjetil Bøhn(in Norwegian)

SB1market conference (12 min)
View video SB1 Market Conference

Quantafuel South Pole!
Robert Swan, the first man to walk to both poles, using Quantafuel products to heat food on his way towards the South Pole. His team members planting the Quantafuel flag on The South Pole!
View Facebook: Quantafuel South Pole

Oslo Børs
View video: Quantafuel Merkur Market

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Presentation Pareto
View presentation, 16th of January 2020  Presentation-Pareto

Pareto Securities                                                     
View interview (in Norwegian) Intervju med Kjetil Bøhn, CEO i Quantafuel

Financial Times
View article: Why Vitol boss will kick butts to boost performance Financial Times

How A Norwegian Clean Energy Company Is Combatting Marine Pollution From Plastics. View article:  Forbes

Dagens Næringsliv
Quantafuel CEO Kjetil Bøhn comments on the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solbergs challenge on the huge plastic problem. View article (in Norwegian):  Har svar på Solbergs drøm

Bill Gates on Twitter
Thumbs up from Bill Gates to Quantafuel. View on Twitter:  Bill Gates´ tweet

Teknisk Ukeblad
View article (in Norwegian):  Om plast i sjøen-konseptet

NTB (The Norwegian News Agency)
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Finansavisen / Hegnar Online
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Teknisk Ukeblad
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Zero Emission Resource Organisation
View image from keynote: Our CEO, Kjetil Bøhn

Enova conference
Video of keynote: Our CEO, Ketil Bøhns keynotePresentation Pareto

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