Kjetil Bøhn

Kjetil Bøhn, CEO, is the founder of Agrinos AS, a leading biology company within the agricultural sector with 150 employees in 10 countries. He was previously CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of the company. Mr. Bøhn has been an entrepreneur for 15 years, and holds a Master’s degree from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics). Mr. Bøhn has extensive international experience from several board positions in both Norwegian and international companies. Mr. Bøhn is a Norwegian citizen living in Oslo.

Kristian Flaten

Kristian Flaten, CFO, has more than 20 years of experience from finance management, international oil & gas projects, corporate finance and capital markets, business development and investor relations. Mr. Flaten has held CFO-positions for project companies in energy and renewables, and was previously Head of Oil & Gas in Eksportkreditt (Export Credit Norway) and a Vice President of BW Offshore. Prior to this, he has been a financial analyst in Handelsbanken, as well as holding senior roles in corporate consulting and media. Kristian Flaten holds a Master of Science from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics), with majors in Finance and Strategy. Mr. Flaten is a Norwegian citizen living in Oslo.

Bjørn Arild Dahlen

Bjørn Arild Dahlen, CTO, holds a MsD (siv. ing.) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Mr. Dahlen has 20 years of experience in global management of project execution, engineering, procurement and construction of large scale industrial projects. Mr. Dahlen is a Norwegian citizen living in Oslo.

Winifred Patricia Johansen

Winifred Patricia Johansen, Chief Commercial Officer, has extensive international commercial and technical experience. She has previously worked with sales, business development and technical validation of subsea control umbilicals. She has also worked with product development in the automotive sector. Winifred holds a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), a Master degree in Oil and Gas Management from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and is a pursuing an Extramural Doctorate Degree in Leadership at the University of Bradford, UK. Mrs. Johansen is a Norwegian citizen living in Oslo.

Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen

Thomas Steenbuch Tharaldsen, Chief Strategy Officer, has extensive experience from the biofuels markets. He has previously worked on introducing second generation synthetic alternative fuels and biofuels in Norway for road transport and industrial heating applications. He contributed to and led the introduction of the first 100% renewable fuel stations in Norway and contributed to establishing the first marine vessels fully operated on renewable synthetic fuels. Thomas has a degree in management and strategy from the Norwegian Business School and experience in commercial law from the University of Oslo. Mr. Tharaldsen is a Norwegian citizen living in Oslo.