Board of Directors

There are presently seven board members including the chairman. There are no family relationships among the board members or between board members and the management. There is no arrangement or understanding with major shareholders, customers, suppliers or others, pursuant to which members of the board or management was selected.

Mr. Oscar Spieler

Mr. Oscar Spieler was previously CEO of Golar LNG, and has experience as CEO of Sea Production and Frontline Management. Mr Spieler has board experience from Jasper Investments, Archer and North Atlantic Drilling.
Mr. Spieler is a MSc in Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology.

Mr. Ragnar Søegaard

Ragnar Søegaard is the CEO of Clean Energy Group, which is developing a 400 MW hydropower plant in Georgia, and holds several board positions in Norway. Mr. Søegaard has more than 20 years of experience in the power sector including as CFO of E-CO, the second largest power company in Norway, and CEO of Viken Fjernvarme. Mr. Søegaard is also a professor at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok. Mr. Søegaard is a Norwegian citizen living in Oslo.

Mr. Bård Mikkelsen

Bård Mikkelsen is the chairman of several Norwegian companies and a Senior Adviser to First Reserve, a leading global investment firm focused on energy. Mr. Mikkelsen was previously on the board of E.ON AG and has more than 20 years of experience as CEO of Statkraft, Norway’s largest power company, Oslo Energi, Ulstein Group and Widerøe. Mr. Mikkelsen is a Norwegian citizen living in Oslo.

Mr. Jens Engwall

Jens Engwall is the founder and CEO of Hemfosa Fastigheter AB, a Stockholm listed real estate company with $3,5 billion in assets under management. Mr. Engwall has previously been CEO for Kungsleden and CA Fastighter and has held several management and board positions in Sweden, Russia, Poland and other countries. Mr. Engwall is currently on the board of Bonnier Fastigheter, NSP Holding, IKANO S.A. Luxembourg and Hemfosa. Mr. Engwall holds a MSc from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Mr. Engwall is a Swedish citizen living in Sweden.

Mr. Dag Erik Rasmussen

Mr. Dag Erik Rasmussen is a Partner at Wikborg Rein’s Oslo office and is head of the firm’s Capital Markets practice.
Mr. Rasmussen primarily works with transactions relating to listed companies and advises companies, investment banks and investors, and also lectures on company,- stock exchange- and securities law. Mr. Rasmussen has board experience from several companies, and currently sits on the board of the Oslo Stock Exchange and more.
Mr. Rasmussen is a Cand. jur. (Master of Law) from the University of Oslo.

Dr. Thorleif Enger

Dr. Thorleif Enger was CEO of Yara International. Dr. Enger was the EVP of Hydro Oil and Gas before taking over the responsibility for Hydro Agri, which was demerged to create Yara in 2004. Dr. Enger has been president of the International Fertilizer Industry Association, and has been a chairman or non-executive director of several boards, including Telenor, Spring Energy, HitecVision, FMC Technologies and Marine Harvest and several others.
Dr. Enger is educated at the University of Colorado where he earned his PhD in Structural Engineering.

Mr. Per-Anders Hjort

Mr. Per-Anders Hjort was CEO of DSV Miljø after serving as CEO of SITA UK and President of Miljvservice. Mr. Hjort has board experience from Norsk Gjenvinning, SITA Sweden and Suez Environment and several others.
Mr. Hjort is educated as a Geologist from the University in Gothenburg.